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Acasă Multimetre digitale Multimetre de banc Multimetre de banc Aim-TTi AIM-TTI_1908 Dual Measurement Bench Multimeter with USB interface

AIM-TTI_1908 Dual Measurement Bench Multimeter with USB interface

    Affordable 5.5 digit high performance bench/portable multimeter

  • Dual display and dual measurement capability
  • Mains power or Internal rechargeable batteries for true portability
  • High accuracy and resolution: 0.02%, 1µV, 0.1µA, 1mΩ
  • True RMS AC, Frequency, capacitance and temperature measurements
  • Wide range of computing functions e.g. Ax + B
  • USB interface standard, RS232, LAN/LXI and GPIB optional
  • Detalii

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Cod produs AIM-TTI_1908

Guarantee 36 months

Descriere detaliată AIM-TTI_1908 Dual Measurement Bench Multimeter with USB interface descriere producători

The 1908 multimeter incorporates a USB interface for remote control and readback. The 1908P incorporates USB, RS232, GPIB and LXI compliant LAN interfaces making it suitable for a wider range of system applications. Both models can operate from either AC-line power or internal batteries, but the 1908P requires AC-line power when using the remote interfaces.

The batteries are charged from the internal power supply and can give more than 35 hours of operation. This enables the meter to be used in locations where no AC line power is available, or moved around multiple room locations without the nuisance of having to find a power socket. When precision measurements are needed, handheld portable multimeters may not be up to the task. The 1908/1908P not only offers fully portable precision, but also built-in data logging for remote locations.

Quick response auto-ranging is provided for all measurement parameters ensuring the best possible resolution at all times. True RMS ac gives accurate measurements regardless of the waveform shape. The wide bandwidth attenuator provides high accuracy within the audio band and gives extended response to avoid errors when measuring switching waveforms. Measurements are normally ac coupled but, when required, the true RMS value of the ac plus dc components can be shown. High accuracy frequency measurement (better than 0.01%) is available from 10Hz to 120kHz. A reciprocal counting technique is used to give up to 0.01Hz resolution and fast update. Capacitance measurement is also built-in with five ranges up to 120µF.

The 1908 can store up to 500 readings at any required time interval from 1 reading per second up to 1 reading every 3 hours. A simple recall sequence allows the readings to be scrolled onto the display whenever required. Alternatively results can be downloaded using the remote interfaces. As a result, tedious time related measurement sequences can be handled automatically without disrupting your work. Manual storage of readings is also available eliminating the need for paper and pencil when making a series of measurements. Storage can also be triggered from an opto-isolated external trigger input, or from the digital interfaces.

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